So let's talk about confidence. How do you perceive confidence in a woman? Is it the way she's dressed? Is it the way she walks? The way she talks? What about how her makeup is done? Or if her hair is done well? We did this birthday photoshoot with Khalilah and she made it clear where her confidence lies. 

Almost immediately, Khalilah freely opened up to the camera and showed off her dynamic personality with every pose. Smiling and angling her body to her comfort. It would be pretty easy to believe she was a professional model. But the truth is, Khalilah was confident. Not the kind of shallow confidence that was based solely on clothes or makeup. It was the kind of confidence that she took with her wherever she went. The kind of confidence that people could recognize the moment she stepped into a room. The kind of confidence a woman has when she knows who she is and what she stands for. Khalilah's confidence was rooted in her very being.

So where does your confidence lie?

Shoot location: Harmony Beach Park, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Time shoot time: 5pm