Sharifa is one of our repeat clients who really is such a pleasure to work with! She brought her A-game for her birthday shoot this year, channeling her inner Queen throughout the entire session. Now Sharifa made it clear she wanted to be featured on our Instagram page, so we'll do her one better: this blog post is dedicated to Sharifa!

This shoot went down at Harmony Beach Park in Montego Bay. I would say it was the perfect location for the vibe of this shoot which was playful, laid back and tropical. That day was unusually windy which created a little concern for how her hair and dress would fare in the photos but if you ask me, she pushed through it like a champ and the photos prove it! Her skin tone was beautifully complimented by her darker attire and the pop of red from the props she chose. Sharifa was so happy with the photos so it's safe to say that this was another job well done by Di Foto Shoppe