We've recently added Spotlight Photography to the list of concepts we offer here at Di Foto Shoppe. Juxtaposed to normal photography that uses more natural light and avoids shadows, spotlight photography is taken in dark or dim lighting with the use of a singular key light, similar to lights used during a stage performance. It highlights a muse surrounded by shadows. There are a few different types of spotlight photography, based on the colour, size and shape of the light portrayed in the photo. This could look like shadows from blinds, golden hour peering through a window or the most popularly used, illuminating circle.

This style of photography is usually very moody and gives off a dramatic aura. It can be used to convey various messages or emotions by amplifying the presence of the muse in the photo. This makes it perfect for birthday photo shoots, maternity photo shoots, editorial shoots and studio portraits. We particularly love the flexibility of the concept in working with different outfits from gowns to bodysuits, and background colours from yellow to white. Would you try Spotlight Photography?